Virtual Doctor Appointments.

Any person having recently been diagnosed with Parkinson does understand that regular visits with your medical team, who specialize in Parkinson’s disease can be a challenge. However those who reside a long way from a professional medical center or Neurologist that specializes in Parkinson’s regular appointments can easily require considerable travel time, out of pocket costs as well as discomfort. “What if” some innovative slant of the classic practice of the family Doctor making house calls was available on the market?

The virtual office visit is definitely a fresh approach employing off the shelf technology to this “Classic Traditional” approach regarding Doctor’s making house calls by means of a computer screen, tablet or perhaps smart phone. This will allow an individual with Parkinson’s the ability to gain access to the medical professionals who are specialized in Parkinson’s no matter where you live. Living in a rural or even remote location or a place inadequately supported by these particular of medical services in now a click away.

Research has shown individuals having Parkinson that see medical professionals specializing in movement disorders their quality of life improves. However 40% of those individuals with Parkinson’s do not see or have accessibility to a movement specialist or neurologist. This is fantastic news for all those individuals with Parkinson’s whose closest specialist is hour’s drive time away or the disease has advanced making a trip of this magnitude impossible.

What if you could build your own comprehensive support team and have medical appointments at home online over the internet? What if the framework as well as positioning was customized to your needs and have your team evolve as the disease progresses. You would likely structure this team in your own home with your family and care partners. The essential components associated with the actual health professionals would be your own neurologists as well as additional medical professionals.

One factor is certain and is fundamental to achieving success is the treatment program is going to be centered on managing your life effectively with PD. This necessitates an energetic participation by the person with Parkinson’s. In your home these individuals, your family members and loved ones, are the most essential members associated with the team. Having them participate in virtual office appointments would become an extremely important component associated with developing a support team. Other team members would be professionals, from their offices, may include physician assistants, nursing staff, social workers, physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech and language pathologists. Creative therapists in art, music and recreation could also play a significant role.  Some support teams could include spiritual counselors, psychologists or neuropsychologists. It is your team, what works best for you?

A virtual appointment utilizes the computer or tablet and technologies similar to those you might currently know, such as SKYPE or FACETIME, which require a video camera and microphone for both users. Medical devices are utilized in order to access symptoms and signs throughout the virtual appointment replacing the clinical or medical evaluation and electronically transmit the information to your Doctor. There are a variety of locations your virtual visit can take place including your home, Assisted Living Facility, or Doctors office of Clinic.

Whereas virtual office visits have advantages presently there are also challenges to identify several. Many doctors are usually accredited to practice medicine in one state exclusively typically where they resided similar with licensed professionals like Occupational therapist, Speech therapist etc.

Here are the draw backs and obstacles to telehealth and virtual office visits to name a few. Virtual visits alter the dynamics of who will get compensated for health care and how. For instance, laws and regulations in twenty (20) states require private insurance providers to include telehealth in limited situations and equivalent laws are pending in six (6) additional states. As to Medicaid, the program with regard to low-income families, insurance coverage associated with telehealth can vary by state. And as to Medicare, the program for older more mature individuals as well as persons with disabilities, telehealth insurance coverage is limited to people who live within locations identified as rural or as “underserved by the medical community. Presently there are also limitations and restrictions in respect to what’s covered; for instance, telehealth appointments with physical therapists are usually not paid for through Medicare insurance.

All this being said, this is the future, it is coming and in some areas already available. Ask you medical professionals.

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