What is Parkinsons Lifestyle Management?

Parkinsons Lifestyle Management is a site that specializes in providing authoritative, experienced practical ideas and concepts for how to handle the many day to day challenges faced by Parkinsons patients.  We recognize that there are plenty of medical sites that can tell you all about the science of the disease, medications and medical treatments available, and medical professionals to visit.

Parkinsons Lifestyle Management follows a different road.  We will tell you “how to” regarding the daily difficulties you face now, and those you will face as Parkinsons progresses.  We specialize in helping you anticipate the changes your body faces and how to overcome the challenges these changes present you with.

Think of us as your “Anticipation How To Guide”.  Some of the very basic things you will deal with, require special consideration, and should be prepared for now, in advance of the necessity.  For instance, how will you deal with traveling by plane?  Are you still going to be able to eat out at your favorite restaurant?  What modifications will you need to make to your home, your bathroom, etc?